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Home of the Semper Reformanda Baptist Library, a free tool intended to encourage and equip my fellow Baptists 

to stand firm and dig into our rich history and theology, while never growing weary of reforming to the Word of 

God. Updates to the library are available at the links in the tables below.

This library is the personal labor of an unworthy servant of the most high God and Savior of sinners. Read the README file. If you have questions about this library or don't have this library and would like to, email me at sbrogden at

Updates to the library: There are three tables below with updates. The first table is topical, the second is audio content, and, in the third table, each cell contains the additions for the period noted. Months with large updates are broken into parts so each file is less than 1GB. A few cells note the content; these are specific updates that are large enough to have their own update. Right-click to save the link or file (depending on your browser) to your computer. Unzip it and use Calibre to add the documents. Also, files marked "mp3" have audio and, in some cases, video; please read the instructions on how to add these files to your library as it's different from the books. 

After much study of the Bible and church history, I have completed a book on Baptist theology and doctrine.
The book is available on Amazon: Captive to the Word of God, a Particular Baptist Perscpective on the Reformation and Covenant Theology. May the Lord alone be glorified.

The "Add books" button in Calibre has a drop-down menu from which you can select "Add books from directories, including sub-directories (Multiple books from directory, assumes every ebook is a separate file)". If you unzip the files from the download into an empty directory (or folder) on your PC, using that "Add books" option, all the documents and their descriptive data will be added to your library. For adding audio and video, please read this.

This first two tables have links to collections according to content. There are some duplicates, as most books have multiple categories of content. Calibre can easily eliminate duplicates, so download what you want and then use Calibre to clean up duplicates. If you download by categories, check back from time to time to get updates from the second and third charts as the first chart will not be updated after Dec 2016. 

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The table below has lnks to the updates as they were made. No duplicates.

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Dec 2011 - A J. Edwards Public Education Schaff - Creeds

* Notes: The mp3 updates tend to be LARGE. Please read the file on uploading audio and video files. The J. Edwards file is one large book of Edwards' works; the Schaff update is a large file containing more than 14 books; Public Education is Samual Blumenfield's classic; and Deliberate Dumbing is link to a free book on how the US government intentionally destroyed education in this country.

Calibre is available for several operating systems, here:  A good and free audio/video player that will handle all the multimedia content in the library and is available for many operating systems can be found here:

Another area of literature that might be of interest is books from bygone times being updated to more modern English, shorter sentences and paragraphs, and solidly biblical in content.I will keep the list of these books up to date here. Each is available in paper and Kindle format from Amazon, and in ePub directly from me - at the same  price as the Kindle book.

The History of the Sabbath, by Peter Heylyn (1636)

The Gospel Blessedness of the New Covenant, by Thomas Collier (1659)

Ill News From New England, by John Clark (1652)

The First London Baptist Confession, by William Kiffin (1644)

Reformers and Their Stepchildren, by Leonard Verduin (1964)

History of the Ancient Christians, by Jean Paul Perrin, (1618)

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