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Home of the Semper Reformanda Baptist Library, a free tool intended to encourage and equip my fellow Baptists 

to stand firm and dig into our rich history and theology, while never growing weary of reforming to the Word of 

God. Updates to the library are available at the links in the table below.

This library is the personal labor of an unworthy servant of the most high God and Savior of sinners. If you have questions about this library or don't have this library and would like to, email me at sbrogden at

If you want to download the whole library (current as of Dec 2013), click this link. You also need to download the right version of calibre (see below).

Updates to the library: In the table below, each cell contains the additions for the period noted. Months with large updates are broken into parts so each file is less than 1GB. A few cells note the content; these are specific updates that are large enough to have their own update. Right-click to save the link or file (depending on your browser) to your computer. Unzip it and use Calibre to add the documents. Also, files marked "mp3" have audio and, in some cases, video; please read the instructions on how to add these files to your library as it's different from the books. 

I will be using the library more than updating it for the foreseeable future. I pray it is a useful tool to the body of Christ and thank the Lord for using such a wretch as myself. The lastest updates are shown below. I simply couldn't not add a few things I ran across.

The "Add books" button in Calibre has a drop-down menu from which you can select "Add books from directories, including sub-directories (Multiple books from directory, assumes every ebook is a separate file)". If you unzip the files from the download into an empty directory (or folder) on your PC, using that "Add books" option, all the documents and their descriptive data will be added to your library. For adding audio and video, please read this.

Fall 2015Summer 2015May 2015Spring 2015Dec 2014Fall 2014
Jun 2014 - mp3Jun 2014May 2014April 2014Mar 2014 - BMar 2014 - A
Mar 2014 - mp3Feb 2014 - BFeb 2014 - AFeb 2014 - mp3Jan 2014 - mp3Jan 2014
Dec 2013Dec 2013 - mp3Nov 2013Nov 2013 - mp3Oct 2013 - mp3Oct 2013
Sep 2013Aug 2013 - mp3Aug 2013Jul 2013 - mp3Jul 2013Jun 2013
Jun 2013 - mp3May 2013 - mp3May 2013Rev 3 - mp3Rev 2 - mp3Rev 1 - mp3
April 2013 Mar 2013 - mp3 Mar 2013 Feb 2013 Church - mp3 Jan 2013
 Daniel 7-12 - mp3 Marriage - mp3 Dec 12 A/V Dec 2012 Nov 2012
Oct 2012
 Revelation - mp3 Public Education Romans - mp3 Reformation - mp3 Philip Schaff  J. Edwards
Daniel 1-6 - mp3
 September August Amillennialism -mp3 July 2012 June 2012
May 2012 April March - B March - A  Feb - B Feb - A

* Notes: The mp3 updates tend to be LARGE. Please read the file on uploading audio and video files. The J. Edwards file is one large book of Edwards' works; the Schaff update is a large file containing more than 14 books; Public Education is Samual Blumenfield's classic.

Calibre is available for several operating systems, here: A free Android app that does a good job managing calibre libraries is Leger calibre, available on Google Play. A good and free audio/video player that will handle all the multimedia content in the library and is available for many operating systems can be found here:

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