Brogden's Books

This page is a "store" for books written by me or edited and re-published by me to equip the body of Christ and focus our eyes on the Lord Jesus, to Whom all honor and glory and power and dominion is due.

Books by Stuart Brogden:

Captive to the Word of God, a Particular Baptist Perspective on the Reformation and Covenant Theology.

The Gospel in Isaiah, a Christ-focused walk through Scripture

The books below are older works, updated to more modern English with shorter sentences and paragraphs.

The History of the Sabbath, by Peter Heylyn (1636)

The Gospel Blessedness of the New Covenant, by Thomas Collier (1659)

Ill News From New England, by John Clark (1652)

The First London Baptist Confession, by William Kiffin (1644)

Reformers and Their Stepchildren, by Leonard Verduin (1964)

History of the Ancient Christians, by Jean Paul Perrin, (1618)

Plain Teaching on the True Gospel, by Menno Simon (1520)

Baptism and Babylon, by Andrew Ritor, John Tombs, and Hanserd Knollys (1642)

The 1833 Particular Baptist Confession, by John Brown (1833)

For the Saints! and the Aints, by William Mason (1773) and John Bunyan (1675)